Our team of valuers is headed up by Alan Giles, a veteran of the industry with over 52 years’ experience in every facet of the valuation profession.

Dom Lamanna has an in-depth knowledge of all property types, frequently called upon as an expert witness.

Our clients include some of the largest and most respected law firms, specialist lenders and private companies and individuals requiring valuation services to meet their requirements.

For us, every property is unique and as such requires a unique and individual focus.

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Who needs a valuation?

If you are considering investing in property, valuations are essential. Valuations are prepared for a specific purpose, including:

  • Professional investors require periodic valuations of their property assets to ascertain how they are performing.
  • Lenders require a valuation to fully understand the asset which they are lending money against.
  • Valuations are prepared for court purposes including disputes over property value and settlements.
  • Property owners need a valuation whenever there is a change in their interest. This can occur when an authority requires an easement, a partial acquisition such as a road widening or whole of property acquisition.
  • Purchasers are often unsure about the asking price for a property and require a valuation to assist in their decision making.
  • Changes in partnerships require property to be valued to fairly reflect changes in the property’s value.
  • Tenants and landlords need a valuation to ascertain the correct market rent at lease renewals.
  • Owners Corporation managers require insurance valuations to be undertaken on a regular basis to ensure the property is adequately insured,

GVS has the experience and knowledge to provide a professional valuation to meet your needs.